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Potato Pizza by the Metre…and learning how to whack the cork off a champagne bottle using a bloody big Saber!

IMG_9565[1]What do you serve if you decide to have a last-minute, casual dinner for quite a few people, are too lazy to shop and don’t want to blow a fortune on home delivered junk food?

You make Pizza of course…Potato, Italian Sausage and that old favorite, ‘Fridge Clean’ (cheese on top of all that stuff that’s bordering on going off in your fridge!!!). Read the rest of this entry »

Where did that 10 kilograms come from?

IMG_7447[1]I’d been avoiding the scales for a very long time and knew deep down things weren’t right… Read the rest of this entry »

Mini Meringues…just two ingredients!

IMG_0843Meringues are one of those fabulous little things that people love to eat but are often too intimidated to make for themselves. I’d always thought they were complicated and best left to those special Aunts (P, J and F) who were known for their magical powers in the kitchen. It was necessity that headed me in the direction of the meringue… Read the rest of this entry »