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Chocolate Tart…an easy festive season treasure!

IMG_6811[1]Chocolate pastry, chocolate filling and sweet summer berries. What’s not to love?

“Looks tricky?” I hear you say.

Nah…it’s so bloody easy. No rolling, no resting, no blind baking, no shrinkage. This pastry (and its sinfully rich filling) is so simple to make that I’m sure you too will add it to your dessert repertoire and be the star of your next dinner party!
My dessert posts have all been a bit tarty since discovering the original recipe for this easy short crust pastry in Cooks Illustrated about a year ago. Since then I’ve been on a mission to convert the pastry to whatever suits the mood…sweet, nutty, savoury, and today… chocolaty!

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Potato Pizza by the Metre…and learning how to whack the cork off a champagne bottle using a bloody big Saber!

IMG_9565[1]What do you serve if you decide to have a last-minute, casual dinner for quite a few people, are too lazy to shop and don’t want to blow a fortune on home delivered junk food?

You make Pizza of course…Potato, Italian Sausage and that old favorite, ‘Fridge Clean’ (cheese on top of all that stuff that’s bordering on going off in your fridge!!!). Read the rest of this entry »

Easy as Lemon Meringue Pie

IMG_9373[1]I’d been away for six weeks, missed my family, so I did a quick ring around to organise a Sunday night dinner.

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Dear Debbie I feel your pastry pain!


Have you thought about making the perfect pie or tart only to be put off by the laborious task of making pastry. The rubbing-in of butter and flour, letting the dough rest, rolling the dough, refrigerating the pastry shell, blind baking, removing the baking beads, baking some more blah, blah, blah….I HAVE DISCOVERED THE EASIEST SWEET SHORTCRUST PASTRY IN THE WORLD and it requires none of the above and you will produce a perfect pie crust every time!

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