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The Lost Woman series

The Lost Woman is a series of 3 books that follow the adventures of Christina Maxwell, an ordinary woman who had put her life on hold being the good wife.
She is forced to make drastic changes after the untimely death of her husband.
Follow the young widow on her journey of sexual and emotional awakening.
See her rise to heights of success way beyond her wildest dreams, only to be left wondering “is there more?”

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Awakening the Lost Woman

(book one in the lost woman trilogy)

What if you woke up tomorrow unencumbered, free of all the constraints that have held you back?
Free to discover your body, your big ideas and maybe even free enough to let yourself be desired.

Christina Maxwell had put her life on hold for too long. This was not the plan of the ambitious and creative young woman who had dreamt of bigger things. Unexpectedly alone, she must begin life again, to discover what she has missed, and to find her true self.

Come with Christina on her erotic journey of sexual awakening.
Follow her transformation into the woman she had always longed to be. See what she discovers and who she finds along the way….

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Capturing the Lost Woman

(book two in the lost woman trilogy)

Have you ever dreamed of escaping the madness of your ridiculously complicated life?

Now a successful blogger, fashion designer and business woman, Christina visits America where her business expands beyond her wildest dreams.

Amongst the success she receives some pertinent advice;

‘Find someone to share the journey with.’
‘Find a life away from work.’
‘Find a place to escape to.’
‘And lastly, have fun… ’

Back in Melbourne things don’t go to plan. She has become so driven that she fails to see her personal life falling apart around her. Her close friends tell her she needs to take time out.

She heads to Tasmania hoping time on the remote island will give her the space needed to clear her head, and to think about how she might act on the wise words given by her American friends. Unexpectedly she finds herself in the wilderness and is forced to seriously contemplate what her future might hold.

‘Getting away from it all’ might not be the answer.
Beware of what you wish for…

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Finding the Lost Woman

(book three in the lost woman trilogy)

Success is not all it seems. Christina needs to look deeply into her soul to begin to understand how she now wants to live her life.

Christina returns to her family and friends after her ordeal in Tasmania. She tries to convince herself that all will be well and that the voices in her head can be silenced.

Originally Christina created her blog to tell the truth, but now feels disconnected to the massive empire she has created. After her lies are exposed she seeks a simpler life.

Christina discovers the truth about her family’s past.

Will she find sanctuary, a place where she can be her true self. Can she ever find lasting love?

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