Welcome to my blog, my name is Anna Buckley.

My life has been spent working in design.  After a break from the grind of a very busy career I decided I could not go back to that stressful world and  real change was needed. The biggest question was what would I do to fill the void. After a few months of having a ridiculous amount of spare time I began to create this character in my head and picked up a pen and turned her into the fictional heroine Christina Maxwell. Before I knew it I had finished my first book. AWAKENING the lost woman was the result. Now it seems I have an almost insatiable desire to write.  Books two and three in the trilogy followed in quick succession.

Home is Melbourne Australia. I like to cook, eat and drink wine with friends. I  love to travel the world but am just as happy to explore the streets and laneways of inner city Melbourne, where I live.

What I hope to do with the blog is to bring to life the art, architecture, food and places, the real inspirations, behind the stories in the books.