About Anna

I love reading a good erotic novel – the stories and the descriptions. I love the slice of escapist fantasy it can give in a sometimes hum-drum world.

Who of us knew there was such a demand for these types of books. We have so much to thank E L James for. When she wrote Fifty Shades of Grey I’m sure she never expected to sell over a hundred million copies (at last count!). It’s fantastic how she allowed so many women to start a broader conversation about erotica.

My hope is to bring something else to this genre. The virgin with one lover has been written about for centuries and quite frankly was someone I couldn’t relate to. I wanted to write about gutsy heroines keen to go on sexual adventures, live full lives and not be solely dependent on men to achieve success. I also wanted to write about women who are just like us, with all our insecurities and weaknesses.

When I started writing my first series “The Lost Woman” I spoke to many women about their secret fantasies and asked them what they wanted to read. I hope the books captured some of the things these women shared.

My life has been spent working in design.  After a break from the grind of a very busy career I decided I could not go back to that stressful world and real change was needed. The biggest question was what would I do to fill the void? After a few months of having a ridiculous amount of spare time I began to create this character in my head and picked up a pen and turned her into the fictional heroine Christina Maxwell. Before I knew it I had finished my first book, AWAKENING The Lost Woman was the result. Now it seems I have an almost insatiable desire to write. Books two and three in the trilogy followed in quick succession, I’ve just finished another book which will be released soon and am madly working on my next one!

I hope my books bring to life the real inspirations behind my stories which are art, architecture, places and food.


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