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Classic Hampton’s Style

IMG_8551[1] Jane’s friend Jim had called and invited us over to dinner. Till now I’d been a tourist and was looking forward to hanging out with a local. Read the rest of this entry »

Traveling Solo. Should I stay or should I go?

IMG_5744[1]An old friend and I had an offer we just couldn’t refuse. A cruise on a luxury liner and a very good deal. It wouldn’t break the bank, it would be fun and we both had some time up our sleeve. Our husbands weren’t interested, had to go back to work, and didn’t resent us leaving them for our 11 day sojourn cruising the warm, tropical  South Pacific. We got very excited, discussed what to wear, what excursions we would take, promised not to go crazy at the buffet and vowed to drink cocktails with umbrellas in them.

And then I got the phone call…my friend had been offered a brilliant new job and was starting a week before we were due to leave.  She couldn’t make the trip! Read the rest of this entry »

The Adelaide hills… beauty and the beast.

IMG_5485[1]We had decided to go to South Australia. Drive the 8 hours to take Mum and Dad back home and then head to the Adelaide Hills. Not the greener forested areas around Stirling or Aldgate but the dryer region behind Mount Barker toward Strathalbyn. I was interested in the large number of stone ruins. Read the rest of this entry »

If only it was as simple as taking a little blue pill!


After talking to lots of women, I discovered many of them mourned the loss of their libido. They  hated being too tired, too fat, too thin, too disinterested, too unloved, too angry, too sad, too busy (their words, not mine) to be able to feel desire. They longed for this to be different.

It got me thinking about the idea of a pill, like Viagra, that women could take to restore instantly their desire for sex.

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You’d be surprised where you can buy the books.


A large chunk of the next series of books will be set in the wine growing area of the Clare Valley, South Australia, and so research needed to be done. It’s a long drive from Melbourne, so I decided to break the trip up and call in on friends Andy and Di. They live in the small town of Waikerie, situated on the magnificent Murray River. While I was there Andy emailed a few friends and Di put on an impromptu ‘Girls Night Out’. It wasn’t a grand event but a lovely gathering of old friends keen to find out about the book. Lots of very nice bubbly was drunk and delicious food eaten, but best of all was the completely unexpected conversations about what it was to be a woman and how life intervenes to change those expectations.

The nice thing about staying with locals is they can let you in on some of the hidden treasures of their small town…

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A Big Thank You to the Colac Girls.



What a brilliant night, finally being able to meet so many of the fabulous women who’ve read the books. I got such a sense of connection with so many of you and loved hearing your favorite bits in the book. Especially to the group of girls (Karen that’s most definitely you!) who told me about the photocopying incident and the real life ‘Moses’. I have a smile on my face just thinking about what you said.

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