Classic Hampton’s Style

IMG_8551[1] Jane’s friend Jim had called and invited us over to dinner. Till now I’d been a tourist and was looking forward to hanging out with a local.IMG_8471[1]On our way we picked up a few things from this quaint roadside stall.
IMG_8470[1]I couldn’t resist buying handfuls of these sweet little tomatoes, crisp apples and juicy peaches. Purchases made, we jump back in the car and head off to Jim’s.

IMG_8528[1] I knew we’d be getting a true taste of Hampton’s style when we pulled up to Jim’s house and spotted this sexy little Spider parked out front.

IMG_8481[1] Jim greeted us and immediately opened a bottle of Soave. I liked Jane’s friend straight away!

IMG_8485[1] Dinner that night was simple. Grilled chicken, potato salad, greens and those yummy tomatoes we’d picked up on the way.IMG_8483[1] As the night progressed and more wine was drunk, Jane and I agreed it was better that we didn’t drive. ‘No problems’ says Jim, ‘there are spare guest rooms’. Late that night and after far too much Pra Soave, Jane and I stumbled off to bed.

IMG_8554[1] I wake the next morning, come down stairs and find Jane chilling out in the lounge room. Her glass is filled with water…I desperately need a some of that water. My head tells me it will be quite some time before I attempt to drink wine again…will I never learn!

IMG_8548[1] While Jane read Jim took me on a tour of the house and in daylight I see just how beautiful his place is. I’m sure Ms Maxwell would have found this four poster bed very interesting!?

IMG_8547[1] Janes room was so pretty…I’m sure she slept peacefully last night.

IMG_8545[1]I could just imagine taking a long, hot bath in this tub.

IMG_8537[1]Skye, the Australian terrier, showed me a quiet place to sit and read but I follow Jim and continue looking around the rest of the house.
IMG_8535[1]Jim tells me he built the house a few years ago and furnished it with his favorite things. But it still didn’t explain how he’d put it together with such style. I’m curious. Jim said he’d been a fashion photographer, his work has appeared in Harpers Bazaar and Italian Vogue. He had a good eye and now I understood.

IMG_8532[1]Martha Stewart would be so at home in this kitchen.

IMG_8555[1]I wondered if some of the gorgeous women Jim photographed for the glossy magazines ever sat around this table and ate grilled chicken and potato salad…and then I remembered that models didn’t eat!

IMG_8536[1]Jim wondered if I wanted a game?
IMG_8558[1]But replied that this was the kind of pool I preferred.

By mid morning it was hot and humid. A quick swim would be perfect.

IMG_8552[1] Refreshed, I grabbed a bottle of mineral water and sat with Jane, looking out across the rolling lawn, wondering about the people who lived along this canal.

Our peace was shattered when the loud DOOF DOOF of dance music seemed to come from nowhere. Charging up the canal, in a hotted up speed boat, were two men and a bevy of ‘babes’ dancing to the beat. I discover the boaties are the twins that made their money by suing Facebook. Boys and their toys… discovering their inner bogan! I wonder how much of those millions were left? Seems the girls on board still thought the boys were a good investment!

IMG_8539[1] I climbed to the Widows watch…a place where the wives of seafarers looked out across the water to see if their husbands were safely on their way home.

IMG_8543[1]And got a birds-eye view of a different kind of sailor returning home! After a few attempts the boys eventually managed to park their boat and continued the party inside.

IMG_8549[1]Peace restored we returned to the front porch, poured more mineral water and finished off last nights chicken. Life’s tough!
IMG_8525[1]By late afternoon it was time to go. Jim had tenants moving in tomorrow…he’d just put his place on airbnb and had to get it ready. Jane rescued the orchid that probably would not survive the week and we packed up the car, said goodbye to Jim (and his dog) and went home.

What a fabulous time I had… staying in this lovely house, seeing how the locals live.

Thanks Jim… and thanks for reading, have loved taking you along for the ride.

Cheers, Anna x

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The Lost Woman series follows the sexy adventures of Christina as she makes her way through a world of new media, design, fashion,  travel, and … men.

A perfect read for those of you looking for something after Fifty Shades of Grey.
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