A Big Thank You to the Colac Girls.



What a brilliant night, finally being able to meet so many of the fabulous women who’ve read the books. I got such a sense of connection with so many of you and loved hearing your favorite bits in the book. Especially to the group of girls (Karen that’s most definitely you!) who told me about the photocopying incident and the real life ‘Moses’. I have a smile on my face just thinking about what you said.

Loved you all got into the spirit of the night by giving yourselves a pornstar name. Can any of you remember who won the bottle of wine for the best name? I laughed at the places you’d indulged in a bit of hanky panky and wondered what the big attraction to the Colac football oval was. And as for the names your parents gave your girlie bits it’s a wonder any of us ever knew what to do in the first place. Loved the advice you’d give your teenagers about sex, maybe that in itself would be a better guide than the books we were handed by our rather embarrassed mums! Lots of great prizes were given for the best answers and I thank Budget Furniture and the local businesses who so generously donated.

Another big word of thanks to the team at the very stylish Oddfellows Winebar who provided yummy food and wine and great service.

To Karen who spread the word and the love and introduced me to a lovely group of girls.
To Todd who not only bravely fronted up but also facebooked the event and reconnected us with some really dear friends.
To Lyn and Pete who got me organised and came along for the ride in a way only true friends do.

And lastly to the extraordinary Cindy who put together this fantastic event whilst holding down a job, being mum to her new baby and toddler and being a lovin’ wife to Mr Smith (and a thank you to Judy and Don who kindly put us up at the “Colac Hilton”).

I have only one regret about the night and that is I left my camera on ‘autoflash off’ and consequently produced what has to be the worst collection of photos I’ve ever seen.

Thank you all once again for a wonderful night, your warmth, great stories and even better memories.

Much love,

PS-If you would like to host an event and have a bit of fun like the Colac girls please feel free to contact me via the contact page on this blog.



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