Vanuatu, Port Vila and the destruction of Cyclone Pam

Vanuatu Cyclone PamMy heart goes out to the people of Vanuatu. I woke on Sunday morning to hear the shocking news that Vanuatu and in particular Port Vila had been hit by a massive cyclone. I saw the images and could barely contemplate that only a few weeks ago I’d been to this tropical paradise, loved its food and people.

IMG_5985[1]I remember being on the waterfront, contemplating having a beer at this little bar before I returned to the ship.This was what the area looked like before the cyclone.

919Vanuatu Cyclone PamI scanned the pictures and realised I was seeing the road near the harbour, once lined with market stalls, now a tangled mess. I had walked this road, caught a water taxi from a rickety old jetty behind one of these stalls.

IMG_5990[1]I feel so sad. Today my thoughts are with the people of Vanuatu who have lost so much.

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