Thanks for coming out on a stormy Melbourne night.

by Anna Buckley

058It’s 6.30 pm on a rainy Monday evening. I arrive to find an original Featherston chair sitting on stage (thanks Lucy for lending us your precious family heirloom). Doris is checking that all is in order and we are both hoping our guests will brave the violent Melbourne weather and venture out…

IMG_4789[1]Patrick the lovely owner of this intimate little bar, Some Velvet Morning, has absolutely no doubts and begins pouring Prosecco…

046He’s right and slowly the room begins to fill.

084Doris welcomes every body…

090And eventually I have a chat to this wonderful group of people who so kindly let me ramble on.


When the formalities are done more Prosecco is poured, much talk is had, till finally….


I can kickback, let my hair down, sit in the famous chair and have myself a nice little drink!

But before I go here are the thank you’s to the generous people who made this night such a success…

Darling Doris who dragged me away from my computer, organised the night, found the venue, sent out invitations, rounded up the chair, and made everyone feel welcome.  (Doris will you marry me!)

To Patrick for opening up his bar on a rare night off and staying long after the scheduled closing time.

To Grace who greeted the guests and quietly made sure that all was being done when I was running around like a madwoman.

To gorgeous Pete for turning up just when I needed you, handling book sales and wrangling that bloody credit card machine.

Argie who so stylishly put together the platters of food, then rolled her sleeves up and cleared away the mess when I was too tired to bother.

To my dear friend and editor Karyn who has been untiring in her support and took time out from her busy schedule to fly over especially for the event. Once here she got me organised and kept my nerves at bay with hugs, calmness and lots of lovely wine.

And lastly to all the gorgeous women who turned up on that wet Melbourne night and showed their most generous support.

Thank you and much love, Anna X

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