MaryLou you make the most beautiful things.


I needed to buy a gift, something special so I headed up the freeway to the gallery and studio of potter Mary Lou Pittard. She produces beautiful and, more importantly, functional pieces. Her baking dishes can withstand the heat of the hottest oven, her porcelain rice scoops hold the perfect serve, her teapots pour and the espresso cups fit neatly under any machine. MaryLou welcomed me and  took me on the grand tour. I was captivated and ended up staying much longer…

Would you like to see for yourself exactly what she showed me?

For the next 2 weekends, from Saturday November 22, her studio and gallery at 66 Glen Park Road Eltham North will be open to the public as part of the Artists Open Studios program. Here are some pictures of what you might see.


After hand making, each piece is individually decorated.


These were the bowls, plates and mugs finished and ready to be fired.


An example of the finished, fired piece and apologies for the crappy photo! (Sometimes the camera is not my friend)


I love these whimsical spoons and pâté knives.


And can just imagine a bunch of Green Goddess lilies in one of these vases.


Or serving afternoon tea on this plate. MaryLou seems to have an innate ability to create patterns that would easily translate  to fabrics or wall paper. Perhaps she was channeling Clarice on the day she painted these things?



You would be forgiven for thinking her gallery was in Provence and not a quick 30 minute drive away in Eltham North.



For more details about her work, and far better photos, check out her web site. You will discover that she shares her studio with her husband Chris and daughter Jessie, whose work and studio will also be on display.

P.S. Her Gallery is always open if you need that special gift. Give her a call to check opening times on (03) 9431 0401

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2 responses to “MaryLou you make the most beautiful things.”

    1. It’s gorgeous, you should check out the links and see the work of her husband Chris and Daughter Jessie. all that talent in one family!


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