A very pleasant night in North Melbourne.


Thanks so much to Dieni and her wonderful book club girls for a great night last Friday. In a past life Dieni worked in publishing which is why the event ran seamlessly…

She’d thought of everything including filling vases with Christina’s favourite Green Goddess lilies, delicious food and  enough champagne glasses for the 25 women who attended.


I couldn’t resist getting a pic of Melissa holding those gorgeous flowers.



Or mention Chris who managed to get all those bloody annoying electronic devices synced. When she isn’t being a sensational check-out chick Chris designs some of the most exquisite jewelry, in particular a stunning pearl and anodized metal necklace worn by her sister Anne. I will definitely be putting my Christmas order in for some black pearl earrings!


Chatting to Julie who I discovered was from Colac. I can’t believe how many connections keep coming back to that town!


It was good to meet this interesting group of women and delightful to hear their many stories, (you know what I’m talking about Roxy) especially after a few more champagnes were poured! Being invited into someones home and getting to meet their friends is such a relaxing way of connecting to a new group of people. Especially after the rather reclusive experience of being stuck at my desk writing all day.


And at the end of the night Dieni and I said our farewells, packed the dishwasher and toasted the success of this the first of our book club chats.

Thanks again to Dieni and the North Melbourne girls for your great support.

Cheers Anna x

P.S. If you would like to host a book club night drop me a line via the contact page and let’s have a chat.

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2 responses to “A very pleasant night in North Melbourne.”

  1. Hi Anna, what a great club and love the photos 🙂


    1. A very fine club indeed Lily x


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