Cindy and the lovely readers of Colac.


Some people have asked why I’m launching the book in Colac. Well it all comes back to Cindy.

If you’re reading the books you’ll have discovered Christina’s go to girl, right hand women and all round organizational superhuman is her assistant Cindy Winter. You may also have noticed the name of the contact person for the upcoming launch event is Cindy as well. This is no coincidence…

When I began writing the books I thought it would be easy to remember all the characters I was creating. I knew a problem was developing when both American males were named ‘Dan’, and the ever growing character lists, stuck on the shelf above my desk, were threatening to engulf the place.

Inadvertently my sister came to the rescue. As an actor she was given a role where she had to remember a great number of names. We watched her on the telly and cacked ourselves laughing as she recited all the names of our extended family.
That was my answer and so I went and changed most of the names to ones I’d easily remember, people I knew. And so ‘Susie’ became ‘Cindy’.

The real Cindy and I worked together nearly ten years ago in Melbourne. And the strange thing is the more I developed the character the more the lines blurred between the real Cindy and the fictional one. You have no idea how many times I asked myself ‘what would Cindy do?’ in an attempt to make the character more authentic.

We had kept in touch over the years, (pregnancies, weddings, babies) and when I began writing, called and asked the real Cindy if I had permission to use her name. She said yes. And so when a rough draft was printed in April this year I wanted her to read it and check I hadn’t crossed any privacy lines. With no lines crossed Cindy then began to hand the draft copy around to her friends in Colac.
The lovely readers of Colac gave me some brilliant feedback, were really keen to read the next book and first and foremost gave me the impetus to continue.

So this is why I’m launching in Colac because if it wasn’t for that group of enthusiastic readers the books may never have been published.

Please come and join the celebrations this week at 7 pm on Wednesday the 10th of September at Oddfellows Colac. All the details are on the events page and please don’t forget to book so that the people at Oddfellows know exactly how many platters to make and wines to pour!

Look forward to meeting you to say thank you,

cheers Anna.

It wasn’t just Cindy who came from Colac… K,K,B,S,T,S,S, you know who you are, love to catch up!

Anna Buckley Books

Love you to read my books

The Lost Woman series follows the sexy adventures of Christina as she makes her way through a world of new media, design, fashion,  travel, and … men.
The complete series is available now at Amazon, Kobo, Google Books, Barnes & Noble and iBooks, both as eBooks and print books. They can also be ordered from any book store, or by mail order on the BOOKS page.


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