Open the bottle of ‘Christina’ and celebrate.


I started writing the ‘lost woman’ trilogy on July the 18th 2012. I remembered this because it was my friends birthday. We had grown up together. Over the years we’d always kept in touch even though we lived hundreds of miles apart. I remember divulging to her that I was writing a book and she said she looked forward to reading it someday.

Over the next few months we spoke about the book and my need to find an editor. She was a languages teacher and an avid reader and volunteered to look at the first draft.
By October I’d emailed her a copy, a week before I was due to come to Adelaide in South Australia. We would catch up with a third friend who was part of our inseparable school girl trio. It was a long 7 days, no phone call, no texts. I worried the book was a complete crock and my polite friend didn’t know how to tell me. We all drove down to the beach house where the reunion was to take place, separate cars and still no comment.

An emergency dash into town saw the two of us sitting uncomfortably and quietly in the car. She turned around and spoke,
“I bloody love it, couldn’t put it down!”
I had the confidence to continue and by August 2013 all three books were written.

But the work was far from over, it took many more emails and trips to Adelaide to do the editing. I remember one particularly hilarious conversation where she disputed the physical possibility of one of Christina’s sexual encounters. Both of us spent a few minutes giggling like school girls debating whether it was possible to remove one’s panties whilst straddling the tall handsome stranger. In the end we agreed ripping them off was the only way!

On that same day we had sent the husbands off to do a bit of wine tasting in the Adelaide Hills. They returned with a car full of wine and one bottle was put before us.
“What’s this?” I asked.
“It’s a bottle of sparkling white, read the label.”
It said ‘Christina’.
“We’ll open it when the books are finished.”


And so they are and the bottle was opened, just last week, when the team got together to celebrate! The date was August the 18th 2014. Two years and one month from that first day when I hit the keyboard.


To celebrate the launch of the book we are conducting a reading at Oddfellows wine bar in Colac, country Victoria. You may wonder why I’ve chosen this small country town, but that’s a whole blog post away. If you would like to join us see the events page for details.

Anna Buckley Books

Love you to read my books

The Lost Woman series follows the sexy adventures of Christina as she makes her way through a world of new media, design, fashion,  travel, and … men.
The complete series is available now at Amazon, Kobo, Google Books, Barnes & Noble and iBooks, both as eBooks and print books. They can also be ordered from any book store, or by mail order on the BOOKS page.


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