May Giveaway!

by Anna Buckley

booksBecoming an author is a wonderful experience, having the freedom to let my imagination run wild, to tell stories. I love that strange sensation when the line blurs between reality and fiction, when characters start to develop a life of their own.

IMG_6508[1]Would you believe that when I started I didn’t know how to use a computer… let alone type! I found these original notes, written in pencil and literally stuck together with tape…old school cut and paste! How the hell did I think the trilogy was ever going to be published!20160515_144124.jpgOne of the best things to come from this whole writing process was starting my blog. Originally it was intended to illustrate the adventures of my heroine Christina Maxwell, but then something completely different happened, a whole new world opened up and…. I met YOU!20160515_150433.jpgWe shared recipes, swapped stories and many of you became good friends. Sometimes the blog became a very big distraction!
IMG_4865[1]But eventually I got back to my desk, labouring away, complaining to you about procrastination, trying to stay disciplined while I did the boring job of editing and rewriting the books.
20160509_145726.jpgThe persistence paid off and it was great to see the books, finally, in print form.IMG_4814[1]So many of you showed your support by coming to readings, sharing your stories and buying the books. But Melbourne, Australia, is a very long way away and I realise that for some of you getting a copy could be quite difficult.20160509_150839.jpg

But I have a solution! I would like to GIVE you a FREE copy of the first book in the trilogy, AWAKENING the Lost Woman, so that you too can share in the story of my heroine, Christina Maxwell. The only thing I ask is that you write a review… because your opinion matters.

Unfortunately I can’t send print books as the cost of postage is way too prohibitive, but I can offer electronic books. All you need to do it is contact my publisher at with your email address and tell us whether you would prefer an Amazon Kindle book or an Apple iBook. My publisher will then email you a coupon number so that you can collect your free book.

For those of you who don’t have a Kindle e-reader you can easily download the Kindle or iBook app to your phone, tablet or computer. I personally love my Kindle because I can be anywhere in the world, at any time and have access to all my favourite books…the other bonus is that e-books are ridiculously cheap, which means you can afford to purchase so many more titles than if buying print books…this is very good for authors!!!

We would really love you to read the books, to get your feedback, so we’re keeping this offer open until May 31, 2016. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further enquiries.

Look forward to hearing from you and thanks for dropping by,

cheers Anna xx

Anna Buckley Books


The Lost Woman series follows the sexy adventures of Christina as she makes her way through a world of new media, design, fashion,  travel, and … men.

A perfect read for those of you looking for something after Fifty Shades of Grey.
The complete series is available now at Amazon, Kobo, Google Books, Barnes & Noble and iBooks, both as eBooks and print books. They can also be ordered from any book store, or by mail order on the BOOKS page.