Cruising solo… trains, planes, automobiles and boats!

IMG_6209[1]I’d made the very big mistake of packing early. Each day I added another bit of clothing, an extra pair of shoes, 3 sarongs, that book I was given at Christmas, magazines… all absolutely necessary for my 11 night cruise to the tropical South Pacific.

The boat was leaving from Sydney Harbour and I would need to fly from Melbourne first. Friday morning I did my online check-in and was confronted with a very stern warning that overweight carry-on luggage would be confiscated and the offender shamed in front of the entire cohort of passengers…not really. I knew I’d packed far too much stuff and JETSTAR had reduced the allowable carry-on from 10 kgs to a meagre 7 kgs. I weighed my over stuffed Samsonite, laptop and much loved orange leather tote, and the scales screamed 14 kgs! Some drastic action was needed. Read the rest of this entry »