You’d be surprised where you can buy the books.


A large chunk of the next series of books will be set in the wine growing area of the Clare Valley, South Australia, and so research needed to be done. It’s a long drive from Melbourne, so I decided to break the trip up and call in on friends Andy and Di. They live in the small town of Waikerie, situated on the magnificent Murray River. While I was there Andy emailed a few friends and Di put on an impromptu ‘Girls Night Out’. It wasn’t a grand event but a lovely gathering of old friends keen to find out about the book. Lots of very nice bubbly was drunk and delicious food eaten, but best of all was the completely unexpected conversations about what it was to be a woman and how life intervenes to change those expectations.

The nice thing about staying with locals is they can let you in on some of the hidden treasures of their small town…

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