Writing a list


I had so much to do today. Poured my morning cuppa and went to butter my toast only to find we had run out of Vegemite. My brain would not be able to function if I didn’t get my salty hit of black vitamin b paste. Shopping had not been on my to do list but I realised we needed a few other things and if I raced up to Aldi now it wouldn’t affect my day too much.

If I wrote a list I could fly in and out quickly.
The list grew as I checked the cupboards. And I thought about the value of writing a shopping list now that finances were a little tighter. By knowing exactly what was needed I wouldn’t be tempted to fill my trolley with the maybes and what ifs, or by the distractions of the unusual items cleverly laid out in the centre aisles of Aldi. A Zimmer frame, an electric guitar and I kid you not, a replica Barcelona chair to name but a few of the items that have stopped me in my tracks recently.

I photograph the list as I think it would be a good subject for the blog then head out the door.

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